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Where to send repairs?

1. Drop off your repair to any authorised Watermaid® dealer,
2. Send it direct to Watermaid Pty Ltd. Click on the link below for a shipping label to use:

How much will it cost?

A quote fee of $49 will apply to all chlorinators sent in. This will be charged upon initially receiving your chlorinator at our repair centre.

If you proceed with the quote or purchase a new chlorinator replacement from us, then this quote fee will be deducted from your final invoice.

What do I need to send in?

We require both the power supply and cell in order to accurately assess, diagnose and quote a repair. For electrical safety and legal reasons, please ensure the power supply has its outer cover still attached.

What brands do we repair?

We repair and service all brands of salt water chlorinator including but not limited to: Aquajoy, AIS, Astralpool, Chloromatic, Clearwater, Davey, Hurlcon, Magnachlor, Magnapool, Monarch, PoolPower, Poolrite, Saltigem, Saltmate, Waterco, Watermaid® and Zodiac.

What we DON'T repair

    • Any chlorinator greater than 15 years old, regardless of make or model
    • Weathered and/or rusty chlorinators
    • Any chlorinator deemed electrically unsafe
    • Any chlorinator where parts are no longer available

Turn-around time

Generally, the turn-around time is 24 to 48 hours for common brands where parts are readily available, or slightly longer if part availability is delayed. Our friendly staff will advise you of any expected delays at the time of quoting.

If you decide instead to purchase a new Watermaid® chlorinator, we will recommend one of our authorised dealers who can supply and install it for you.