Why pool chlorinators are better than other chlorination methods

This debate has been going on for ages and it stops right here. In this article, we explore the numerous benefits of pool chlorinators over other chlorination methods so you can make an informed decision.

Here are the top reasons why pool chlorinators are better:

Say goodbye to liquid or tablet chlorine

Although chlorine is still present in salt or mineral pools, the levels are lower and they are automatically generated by the pool chlorinator. People who have high sensitivity to chlorine may also find water on a pool with a pool chlorinator to be more gentle on the eyes and skin.

Safer and environment-friendly

Using pool chlorinators removes the task of handling and storing liquid chlorine, which can be dangerous and definitely not environment-friendly.

Cost-effective solution

While using a pool chlorinator would cost you money upfront, the benefits far outweigh that of other chlorination methods. Moreover, since salt or mineral pools require minimal maintenance and less chemicals, you also get to save money in the long run. The price of salt is also way cheaper than regular chlorine and salt or mineral pools require little salt in a year to maintain the salt concentration.

Low maintenance

Pool chlorinators generate the chlorine needed for your pool so there's minimal effort involved in maintaining your pool. As a pool owner, however, you should still conduct regular testing of the alkalinity, salinity, pH levels, and other variables to ensure that the pool is in top condition and safe to use.

No bleaching effect

As briefly mentioned before, a pool with a pool chlorinator is less likely to sting a swimmer's eyes and cause dry skin. This is often the case for pools using other chlorination methods as levels of chlorine are high. In addition, pools that do not use pool chlorinators have the tendency to discolor hair and swimwear.