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Pool Tips

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How to balance the pool’s pH level

To keep your swimming pool sparkling and clean, you need to understand pool water chemistry. One important aspect...

Pool Chlorinator Warranty Tips

There are some brands on the market claiming five, six and even seven years warranty. But did you know these are almost...

How to get your pool sparkling again with backwash

Is your pool cloudy? It could be a filtration problem and may be solved by simply running a backwash. Follow these...

Why does my water test show no sign of Chlorine in my pool?

Test result can vary depending on the time of day that the test sample is taken and from where in the pool it was taken.

How long should I run my pool equipment each day?

Did you know that you need to run the volume of your pool water through the filter 2 to 2 and a half times a day to achieve...