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How to get your pool sparkling again with backwash


Is your pool cloudy?

It could be a filtration problem and may be solved by simply running a backwash. Follow these simple backwash steps and get your pool sparkling again.

  1. Switch OFF power to the chlorinator cell (see your particular owner’s handbook for this)
  2. Turn the pump OFF
  3. Turn the filter valve to BACKWASH - Warning: Never turn valve with pump running!
  4. Turn the pump ON and run for 3 minutes
  5. After 3 minutes, turn the pump OFF
  6. Turn the filter valve to RINSE
  7. Turn the pump ON and run for 20 to 30 seconds
  8. Turn the pump OFF
  9. Turn the filter valve to FILTER
  10. Turn pump and cell ON and resume normal operation

Did you know the EcoBlend chlorinator range has a handy backwash button? Simply press the backwash button and follow the on-screen instructions. The EcoBlend automatically enables and disables the pump and cell as it goes through the backwash procedure.

Haven’t got an EcoBlend Chlorinator?

Call us today about installing an EcoBlend Chlorinator on your pool. Our authorised dealers will be able to supply, install, and run you through all the fantastic features the EcoBlend has to offer.