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EcoBlend® - New Generation Chlorinator

Watermaid brings to the Australian market the EcoBlend®, a self cleaning chlorinator, compatible with salt, mineral or mineral pool blends.

This chlorinator uses reverse polarity, the most up-to-date self cleaning technology.

Made of high quality components, the EcoBlend® also comes with Watermaid's 3 Year Full warranty on power supply and cell.

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About Us

Watermaid Pty Ltd is a privately-owned Australian manufacturer and wholesaler of swimming pool equipment based in Sydney, Australia. In operation since 1971, our company supplies pool equipment to the pool trade throughout Australia and internationally.

Watermaid was the first company to design, develop, and sell salt water chlorinators for swimming pools into the Australian market. We have built a reputation as being one of the most trusted, reliable brands on the market, with unrivalled customer service and support to the pool trade and the end customer.

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Salt & Mineral Blend Compatible

The EcoBlend® Chlorinator is an all in one salt and mineral blend compatible chlorinator. Ahead of its time and packed with useful features, the EcoBlend® Chlorinator is built for performance and reliability.

  • Reverse Polarity Self-Cleaing
  • Low Salt Operation
  • Optional Ultra-Low Salt Model
  • Pump Run-Dry Protection
  • Super Chlorinate Boost Feature
  • Safety Backwash Button
  • Large Back-lit Liquid Crystal Display
  • User-friendly Battery backed Clock and Timer(s)
  • Adjustable Chlorine Output
  • LED Chlorine Output Display
  • Large Surface Area Cell Electrodes for Maximum Production
  • Proven & Reliable Linear Power Supply
  • High Grade Materials
  • Customer Service and Local Support
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